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Hello. My name is Yaniv Kadosh
Industrial designer and a maker, for the last 10 years I have worked mainly on R&D projects for some of the biggest company's in Israel as a designer, inventor and project manger the client was both local and global with projects Ranging from military, medical and home appliance .

Currently I live the beautiful "emek haela" in Israel here I have a studio and a big workshop allowing me to have great creative freedom to create and explore on my spare time, and build my house by my self (  see the process on my blog)

This day's I'm working hard as the CTO of a startup company creating a new cycling experience

adobe suite cc

office tools

Solid works

siemens nx

hand sketch and render skills

Composite material design and application

design for manufacturing

rapid prototyping /3d printing

Highly skilled model / prototype maker

Ceramic & porcelain